StayTeen: Helping Youths Make Informed Decisions About Their Future

The 411: Since 2006, happens to be the # 1 website for teenagers, encouraging these to enjoy their childhood and work out existence’s greatest selections, like when you should have sex, if they’re definitely prepared, in accordance with a revamped appearance, they can be performing that better than ever.

When adolescents desire somewhere to attend read about gender, pregnancy, connections and so on, they do not truly check-out federal government web sites. They really want a spot of their own, which is exactly why had been formed.

Over the past nine decades, Stay teenage might the go-to resource for teens, a unique spot-on websites simply for all of them where they could get information that deals with the difficulties they love more without leading them to feel ashamed or embarrassed.

These days, Stay teenage is actually debuting a brand new look plus some amazing features, with a major focus being quality content.

“we are actually excited about it because we have now discovered much as to what our very own market needs and wants, and then we’ve specifically placed an emphasis on society,” stated Jessica Sheets Pika, movie director of communications. “we realize young adults love to talk about these things, in a spot which is safe and non-judgmental, therefore we made a proper effort on focusing on enabling kids to touch upon generating a space in which they’re able to ask some concerns to discover responses.”

Remain Teen’s consumers range in years from 13 to 17, but the website adjusts their articles with respect to the get older degree and situation. Commensurate with this motif, keep teenage provides a lot more material that’s authored by teens, including topics like steering clear of pregnancy unless you’re prepared, developing healthier relationships, dealing with breakups and.

“All of those conditions that cope with intercourse, interactions, matchmaking and something under that huge umbrella is actually what we explore, therefore we just be sure to give attention to carrying it out in a manner that is extremely teen-friendly,” Sheets Pika mentioned.

We talked with Sheets Pika to obtain additional details as to what the site involves, plus the profitable methods Stay Teen continues to provide.

Placing kids in driver’s seat

While Stay Teen’s top post is actually “Should I Get Pregnant If…?” new website will cover a level broader variety of subject areas, for instance the risks of unsafe sex, choosing the very best form of birth control individually and ways to go over those issues with your medical professional.

“That article features actually shown united states our target is exploring gender and their sex, and they are not sure what the effects tend to be with this particular conduct,” Sheets Pika mentioned.

However things are changing.

Remain Teen still has some good attributes that have long been beneficial to the market, including their own health Center Finder that assists adolescents locate physicians close by plus the Method Explorer that enables teenagers to know about different forms of contraception and which one could work best for them.

“We believe this is actually helpful to teens because most of the time, they don’t want their unique moms and dads knowing they may be getting birth control, so they are making an effort to decide someplace they may be able get that’s low-cost, non-judgmental and a few place they are able to walk or bus to,” she mentioned. “All of our purpose is put teens when you look at the driver’s seat with teaching by themselves on different sorts of methods. All of our message is we wish that appreciate she or he many years and postpone gender until such time you’re really ready, which could mean when you’re more mature.”

Bridging the space between kids and parents

From of use solutions to enjoyable video games to collaborative events, like the 14th Annual nationwide Day to avoid Teen Pregnancy that motivates individuals to think about how an unexpected pregnancy would transform their particular resides, teenagers and parents as well tend to be provided with some good information courtesy remain teenage.

“kids are learning about things that they did not otherwise find out about, and more significantly, they truly are dealing with this site with the buddies, with their boyfriends and, truth be told, making use of their moms and dads,” Sheets Pika mentioned. “All of our purpose will be convey more open and truthful discussions among teens and parents.”

To see Stay Teen’s new site and find out about the amazing circumstances they actually do, see

Photographs: Copyright The Nationwide Venture to Prevent Teenage Pregnancy.

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